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2018 Session: July 1 - July 14

Our new web site, along with a link to the new application, will be live shortly.
Check back in early December.

Are you a high school student already bitten by the writing bug? Do you write poems or stories, in class or out, but wonder how good they are, and how you could make them better? Your parents admire them and your friends are impressed; your teachers help as much as they can. But what would a professional writer, doing the same sort of work and publishing it, make of your stuff? If you’ve asked yourself these sorts of questions, read on. And if you think the Sewanee Young Writers' Conference might be a valuable experience for you, apply now or get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to send you more information. You can also find us on Facebook!
An artist should not be vexed by human hobbies or human follies; he should be able to lift himself into the clear firmament of creation where the world is not. He should be among men but not of them, in the world, but not of the world. Other men may think and believe and argue, but he must create.
Willa Cather

Elizabeth Grammer, Director
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